Seahawks Offense


S.Dawkins                                                     Kitna                                                      D. Mayes
           Jones             Kendall             Glover         Habib           G. Williams                    Fauria

Seahawks Defense
Daniels                Adams                Kennedy                Sinclair

Brown                                    Simmons                                D. Smith

W. Williams                                                                                                                   Springs

Bellamy                                                   D. Williams
 Key Defensive Reserves

  DE LaBounty,    S   Hanks     LB    Logan       LB   Willis    DB C Taylor

Key Offensive Reserves

QB Foley,   RB Green,  WR Pritchard,  OG Gray,   

Special Teamers
K Peterson         P Feagles


The Seahawks are currently 0-2 in the preseason. The starters for the Seahawks earned them a 17-3 lead over the 49ers. Brock Huard, rookie quarterback, threw 3 interceptions that lead to 3 49ers TD's. The Seahawk reserves were unable to put any points on the board until the end of the game. The score was 23-24, and Holmgren opted to go for two, to avoid injury. Huard's pass dropped incomplete, final 23-24 SF.

The Seahawks rebounded nicely from that lose to San Francisco. Jon Kitna, Glen Foly, Michael Black, Ahman Green, Jay Bellamy and more contributed big to a 41-7 thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals without Jake Plummer. Lets keep this trend going!!!

In the preseason finale the 'Hawks lost to Indy in another close game. Looking at the game stats, I would guess that penalties and a lost fumble lead to the demise of the Seahawks. They beat Indy in just about every other statistical category. So the Preseason ends at a dismal 1-3, but the three loses were all close games. I somehow doubt Seattle will finish the year 4-12 (same pct as their preseason). Detroit is first so it should be a 1-0 start!!

Whoops, maybe an 0-2 start or 0-16. Good news, the AFC West looks really weak. Seattle lost a horrid game to Detroit 28-20. Kitna and Dawkins connected on 2 TD passes. Seattle lost Charles Jordan and Fred Thomas. Good news, Merton Hanks is now the nickle back. Derrick Mayes is now a starting WR in the NFL. Hey Galloway, why don't you play football you retard??? Also, Seattle's offensive line looked horrible as did their running game. Good thing Warren Moon is gone, or he'd be dead today. For Seattle to do anything in the future, they need their offensive line to do something, anything. Also, I've been advising they get a new full back in Seattle, maybe now they'll listen.

OK no progress on Galloway and barely won. They are (1-1) in a horrible division that is lead by the Chargers with everyone else except Denver at 1-1. Its a good thing for Seattle that Chicago has a new kicker who misses 48 yarders. Seattle's offense was pretty good, they ran well, should have passed for more yards though. Unfortunately they are still stupid. Fumbling left and right. C'mon, stop that. Glenn Foley did a commendable job, but I figure Kitna to take over again next week. Nothing was really gained from this game except the W. Off to the (2-0) Pittsburgh Steelers next.

Seattle's offense was again so so (that's been the story since Dave Krieg), but the defense and special teams lead the way. The Seahawks jumped up 14-0 before the offense even touched the ball. Merton Hanks and returnman Charlie Rogers both scored early touchdowns. For the remainder of the game the Seahawks offense was able to put up 15 points by way of the kicker Todd Peterson.

The lead of the AFC West was up for grabs as Seattle hosted Oakland on Sunday night. Both teams were 2-1. Seattle was down early, allowing Tyrone Wheatley to run for 94 yds in the first half and a TD. But the Seahawks defense held Wheatley to 6 yards on 10 carries in the second half, and made a monsterous come from behind win. Kitna threw 2 TDs and Todd kicked 3 more FGs giving the Seahawks a 23-22 lead going into the last play. If Michael Husted could connect on a 61 yd FG in a dome Oakland would win. Well TB released him because of his short leg, it fell 5 yds short of the cross bar. Seattle wins, and leads the AFC west at 3-1.

Oh boy, after the bye the Seahawks offensive line looks like crap. My god, they couldn't hold a bunch of 12 yr olds away from penetrating. A terrible loss, 13-10. C'mon, Kramer threw 4 INT and the Seahawks lost. GET AN OFFENSIVE LINE. Hey, while your at it, grab Joey Galloway. Kitna is not throwing well. Its a bad situation in Seattle.

Can you believe it? The Seahawks beat Doug Flutie and the Buffalo Bills. Though Ruben Brown and Eric Moulds was out, you'd figure Buffalo's defense would hold the Seahawks. Not the case, they won 26-16, again, 4 FGs by Todd Peterson. Both TDs from Seattle were passes to Derrick Mayes, the new starter with Mike Pritchard out for a few weeks. The Seahawks will be on Monday Night Football next week, don't forget to watch!!! Now the Seahawks are tied with SD and KC at 4-2 atop the AFC West

San Diego crumbled. Thier offense is horrible, and KC beat them. Leaving Seattle a half game behind KC for the lead. To THE FROZEN TUNDRA we go. Monday Night Football at Lambeau field, what a setting for Mike Holmgren to return to his former place of employment. The 'Hawks strike first with a block of a 50 yr FG that was returned by Shawn Springs for a TD!! 7-0. GB counters with a TD pass to Corey Bradford 7-7. That would be the last time GB gets in the endzone. Seattle gets 2 more TD passes to Derrick Mayes and Sean Dawkins. Derrick Mayes was extremely excited, and faked a Lambeau leap. The game featured 7 Turn overs by GB, 4INTs, 2 fumbles by Favre and 1 other fumble. Seattle turned the ball over twice or thrice. This performance was the best of the season by Seattle, now 5-2.

A month later Seattle is still atop the AFC West with an 8-4 record. Unfortunately, now Seattle is in the third playoff spot. Seattle's offense needs to be more consistent with Joey Galloway. KC is only 1 game behind Seattle.

I think its time to pack it in guys. Forget it, the Seahawks should be kicked out of the NFL. Its friggen bad now guys. I can't describe the reprehensable actions of the Seahawks. I would like to kick them all in the face, especially Galloway. Why doesn't Mike Holmgren just play the season without Galloway, or use him as a Kick returner? It seems that Galloway must have disrupted the chemistry of this team. Also, the defense can't stop anyone from running. Olandis Gary ran for 187 yards on that stellar run defense. The Seahawks are 8-6 now. 8-2 is a distant memory. What the frig is Holmgren for? Winning in December counts asshole!!! You don't lose to San Diego, Denver, Tampa and Oakland. Seattle lost to every team, except KC in the division and was swept by San Diego. Who wants to hear some good news!!!! Seattle can still win the division, and with a 9-7 record!!! Simple formula, beat KC next week in the Kingdome. Then do whatever KC does week 17. If KC wins, Seattle must win, if KC loses Seattle can either lose or win. If Seattle loses to KC, forget it, playoffs are gone. They would end up 3-5 in the division, and lose tie breakers to anyone but Buffalo. Seattle must beat KC. I do not want to mention too much about the loss to Denver, and no, I do not take solace knowing that Seattle made a valient effort at the end. Football is a 60 minute game, not 12 minutes. Kansas City has Oakland after Seattle and Oakland could be playing for a thred of playoff hope. Seattle goes to the Jets, who are near impossible to beat in Seahawk history.