Mr. Potato Heads of Warwick

    Warwick is apparently Rhode Island's second biggest tourist city behind Providence.  I don't know if I buy that or not, but it is the second most populated with people and Potatoes.  I'd assume most people will start their journey from Route 95.  If you are from the south, do everything I say backwards, I am going from the north.  The first exit on Route 95 in Warwick is Jefferson Boulevard, and you should take it!  On the right, you will see a Getty station.  After the Getty station there is a one way road, Cyprus St. take a right onto it.  Take the first right, that is Chestnut St.  Go to the end of Chestnut and you will see the "Day-O-Lite" building and their Red Hot Potato .  At night he is light and looks nice.  Turn around, and take Chestnut to its end on Jefferson Blvd.  Take a right on Jefferson Blvd on to Coronado Ave.  Take a right on to Post road.  On your right, after the bridge you will see Thrify Car rental.  They created the Thrify Tator .  Stop in the lot so you can pull a U-turn. Just before the airport on the right (after the first airport entrance ramp) is the Hampton Inn & Suites.  Park your car there for a little bit.  Get out of the car to start your small walking portion .  At the Suites you will see Cloud Nine .  Take a walk to the airport now.  Go up the escalator.  Waiting at the top is Mr. Potato Head Shore Thing .  Within a mild shout to the right is Vino Di-Vine .  Unless you want to play in baggage claim, its best you be getting back to your car .  Now take a right onto Post Road.  At the second light, get in the left only lane.  That will take you to Coronado St.  Go straight through the Jefferson Blvd intersection.  After about a mile, you will approach a 4 way stop sign.  Most people go left, but you should go straight.  You will see a building straight ahead and a fork in the road, go around the building to the right and you will see Spud Light  on the hill.  Get back to the 4 way stop sign.  Take a left now at the sign.  You will go a ways downt he street.  As you proceed you get to the end of the street.  Take a right there.  Further down that road (rte 5) on the left is Warwick Mall.  Going to Warwick Mall, enter via the Food Court.  Inside you will see the Butterfly Queen .  Rather than following the old directions you will want to get on route 95 S and take exit 8.  That will take you to route 2, and you want to go south.  Now skip over the small print and continue with the bigger letters.   Get back on 95 and take exit 10, 117E.  You will see the City Hall, after the rotary, on the left.  Before the City Hall there is a 1 way street to go left.  Take it, you can park at the City Hall and walk around the front to see the Tourist Tator  (injured and deemed racist.), the first one I saw!  Now leave by continuing down the one ways to the other side of the rotary, by way of the fire station.  Take a left and get in the second to the left lane.  That way you can go left at the fork, and be in the right lane.  You want to go straight at the next intersection so stay in either of the two middle lanes.  Take route 1 down to Cowesett Rd (fourth right, has an island at the intersection).  Cowesett Rd will take you to route 2.  Take a left and go south.  Make sure you don't get on route 4 or 95 and continue down route 2 in the right lane.  When the street is 2 lanes, there will be a red light that allows for left turns, that is Middle Rd.  Take a left there.  On your right, before the bridge over route 4 you will see Sweet Peas Villiage, visit them.  They have the Sweet "Pea"tato .  Get back on route 2, take a left to go south.  There will be a sign that says, "JCT 402, left turn" and another one that says "402 to 403"  You want to get on 403 S.  Then take exit 7, route 403 is on the left lane.  As you drive, you will hit a major intersection.  Go straight (its not right, but its kinda straight), Quonsett Commerce Park is there.  On your left in the distance you will see Sergeant Spud .  If you can't see him, take the first left, that will bring you closer.  If you are going for all the tators, get back to that huge intersection.  Follow signs for route 1-S, that will require taking a left at a light.  Stay in the right lane, so you don't get on 1A, and take the next right.  The sign will advertise Exeter.  Going that way will put you on route 102N.  About 20 minutes down 102, you'll get to route 3.  Take a right there, then take the next left to stay on 102N.  That will take you to route 95, you'll want the south onramp.  Take a look at The Rest of Rhode Island Potatoes next.

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