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My page has been expanding rapidly. Also since there seems to be a growing number of visitors to my page, I've decided to reroute them and do a little advertising for my different audiences. You could have come from 1 of 2 different sides of my page. Either way its nice for you to stop by and see what people on the internet have to offer that you may like. If you have any questions or comments about these advertisements, e-mail me at "ImPCFriar2@yahoo.com"

Non Profit Links

Kiss 108
Greatest Radio station in New England. Check out their site.
Kiss Concert 20
Read about the greatest concert event of the year. Also see pictures of past Kiss Concerts.
Car and Driver
Interesting information about cars
Get your very own Nedstat system
FREE video games on your Computer!!
Click here to play games online, anyone may enter who has the right emulator.
Currency Converter
This site gives you an up to the minute currency conversions.
Get all your sports information at ESPN
CBS Sports
Like ESPN, but they have up to date NFL depth charts
Rhode Island Info
This is one of the best RI pages out there. THere are reviews of restuarants and many other RI things here.
Ocean State Online
More Rhode Island stuff. This site is essential to the daily life of a Rhode Islander.
Riffraff's Kingdom
This site is has interesting information for people who may like Country music or the Rocky Horror Show.
Get your very own fantasy football team. Sandbox is sponsoring free fantasy football leagues. Join Now!!!

Click here for Joan Osborn information

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Read & Post Messages in the BoardRoom   Beseen.com

Area Codes

As some of you know, I have an odd memory for area codes. I recently found this awesome web site that has maps, and lists of all area codes. Also, this sight keeps itself up to date.

Go to Where's George to register your bills so that you can track its whereabouts.

Go to the Dan Quayle web page

I am going to try to help people realize that Dan Quayle is for real. There are many reasons to vote for him. I'll put some of those reasons on this page when its closer to the election. Unfortunately, Dan has been appearing on TV lately. Dan is not helping his cause with the recent publicity. People are seeing what a baffoon he is. I would like to encourage people to see his page. Dan is not a good public speaker.

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