The future in cars

Many of our favorite car manufacturers are changing the face of cars.
The public will get to check these cars out in "concept car" format.
Here are some of the new cars to hit the market


Buick's XP2000

I doubt that Buick will call this wonderful car XP2000 when its released.  Its allegedly a name that stands for technology and for the year 2000.  I doubt we will see this car in 2000 however.
Take one look as this car, what does it say?  Hmmm.  Yes, Riviera.  It looks a lot like the 1995-1999 Rivieras.  And it should, this car is on the same platform shared by Riviera and Aurora.  In 2001 Aurora is supposed to go on the LeSabre and Bonneville platform.  But this large mid sized platform could come back for the XP2000 and a new Oldsmobile (you'll see that later).  This stylish car should appeal to the driver who wants it all in a car.  With its keyless fob it can detect who will drive it and set everything to the driver's specifications, from the seat, to the radio to the climate and even how the car performs!!!
Looking at the inside of the car, its very inviting.  Unlike many concept cars, this interior is more conservative.  Also, the XP2000 will have a heads up display that will show pertinent information like speed and whatever else you want.  Another feature with this car is that it can sense when something is approaching you and will beep.  I am not sure exactly what it means, but should be very helpful.  The car will also beep if you are about to back into anything.  The controls in this car are all voice activated.  You can lower the A/C, change the radio channel, do anything with your voice, and the car remembers your voice (also funtional for more than 1 main driver).  For all of you not familiar with the platform, it makes room for lots of interior space.  Buick prides itself on allowing for more room for its 5 occupants while keeping the outside a managable size.  You can't see it in this picture, but the gear shifter will show 5 gears, as for this is a 5 speed automatic engine.
This doesn't look like the under of the hood on any car.  Buick decided to put covers over the engine to make it more pleasing to the eye.  Also this design stops the engine from getting dirty and slow.  Its a good idea.  So what engine is that under there?  You are probably thinking of that 3800 V6 Series II supercharged engine, but its not.  Believe it or not this would be the first Buick since the Roadmaster in 1996 to have a V8.  This car is powered by a 5.0 V8, 5 speed automatic transmission!!

Buick's Cielo

Cielo, meaning sky in Spanish, is a "No Comprimise" convertible.

For some odd reason, orange is the only color I see this car in.  Its a different type of styling for Buick.  But it does share some of the classic designs.  This car has a convertible hardtop.  The top is in 3 pieces and they automatically (when asked to) retract behind the rear seat.  The two metal rails on top of the car stay in tact as the top comes down.  Like the XP2000 everything in this car is voice activated including the top.  On the Regal platform, its 194.2 inches, just a little shorter than a Ford Taurus.
The most noticable thing is that computer in the middle of the dash.  Its a personal computer that can send email and get maps.  The inside has that "concept car hi tech look" too it.  Its not as inviting as the XP2000.  The color is to blame for that.  There is room for 5 passengers to sit comfortably inside this convertible sedan.  The Cielo will be powered by GM's most venerable engine, the Supercharged 3800 V6 Series II engine, 240 hp.  

Cadillac Evoq

The Evoq will come out in 2001.  Watch out everyone its a speedy roadster!!

The Cadillac Evoq is even meaner than it looks.  In 2001 our wealthy friends will find a reason to by the first American luxury model Roadster, its speed.  This burly looking car will be sporting a supercharged 4.2L V8 engine that will spit out 405 hp.  Also to add to the feel, it will be a 5 speed automatic. The back of the car will have a Cadillac look to it, especially the tail lights.  The interior is very sporty and outspoken.  This is truely a unique interpretation of the 2 seater roadster, even though it sits on the Chevy Corvette's platform.  There are reports that the Evoq could sit on GM's new international "sigma" platform, where the Catera will be in 2000.

Cadillac LeMans

Cadillac will return to racing, after a 50 year absense, with this car in 2000

Does this look like a typical Cadillac?  The last time there was a Cadillac entered in racing it was a version of their then-popular Coupe DeVille.  But Cadillac is back racing with this little roadster.  I doubt  it will be sold as a regular car, but I do find it interesting. Hey its Cadillac, it will be an instant success story.  Just an odd note, what happened to the big burly luxury cars that we were used to from Cadillac?