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There are 7 pages of Car information on my page.  Ranging from writeup of the 1999 models, to the acceleration performance of the 2000 models to pictures of Concept Cars.  Go to the Car index page to pick what you'd like. 
--> Car Index Page <--
My music page.  This 1 page has the lyrics of my 10 favorite songs.  This page also includes sound bytes for those songs. There is a link to purchase CDs.  Soon there will be a list of my favorite songs of the 1990's.  In Spring 2000 this page will be geared for Kiss Concert 21.
---> Music Page <---
A page full of useful Rhode Island information. There is information on restuarants, some license plate humor. Rhode Island and Providence Events. Also you can discuss your thoughts on the state.
--->The Rhode Island Page<---
Mr. Potato has been a fun children's toy for over 80 years.  Now there are 6 foot statues of the most creative interpretations of Mr. Potato Head.  44 of them are in Rhode Island today, 40 of which I have seen in person. 4 pages.
-->The Potato Pages<--
Read about the Seattle Seahawks best season since 1988.  Also see the faces behind the helmets.
---> Seahawk Page <---
Hear me gripe about the world and many of its tendancies.  I must warn you, these are strictly my opinions and are to be read for fun.  Do not base your life on them or you will turn out just like me.
---> My Thoughts Page <---
Read about what is happening in the news. There is a 3 day forcast for the Providence RI area. Also, take the time to browse through some of my favorite links. These are sites I use often, and also use to help make my page.
---> News Page <---
Learn a little more about the man behind the Flutie magic. Also see pictures of Flutie Flakes and Doug Flutie's family.
--> Doug Flutie's Page <--

-->Funny Movies<-- See people get injured doing stupid things. Or see people just doing plan funny things. This page will make you laugh.
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