Mr. Potato Heads of Providence

To contact me for the best route to follow from your house, email me at  Also, there is news of 2 potatoes not mentioned.  As of September 27,2000 I know that Sparkle and Fred will come back to us October 1st.  Also, I know that Captain Democracy will be debuted in a parade.  Mrs. Potato seems to be mobile, call Hasbro to find her whereabouts.

    Providence is the capital of Mr. Potato Head statues.  If you want to find some quick taters, Providence is the best place.  The best route to finding the potatoes depends on where you are coming from.  I am going to start you from downtown Providence, where most potatoes live.  Start your journey by parking your car in front of the State House on Smith Street.  You can get there one of many ways, and you should know the best route.  Smith Street is route 44.  In the foyer of the State House you'll see Colonel Hedley Russet .  Go to the Mall, park there, and buy something.  3 hours should be enough time.  Also, bring some quarters for the trolley, you'll need 6.  If you are bringing a friend, bring $3.  Now get out of your car.  This part of the trip will take place on foot , walk through the Westin Sky Bridge and out the front of the Westin.  There will be Mr. Rotunda Head  to your right.  Straight ahead you will see Edgar Allan Poe-tato  (Is serving his second sentance in the MASH unit).  You are at the Rhode Island Convention Center so walk inside.  In the foyer you will see the Spud of Steel .  Get out of the Convention Center and walk toward your right.  From there you will see Print Charming  across the street, and in front of you.  Look to your left, you will see the Independant Potato .  Walk over to him, he is on the side of the new Marriot.  From there, walk to the main entrance of the "Courtyard" Marriot and you will see Slumber Spud .  Now take a walk down Dorrance Street.  Walk on the right side of the road.  In the first picture window of the Biltmore, you will see The Light From Within .  Cross the Street to see the Fleet Skating Rink.  At the Skating Rink you will see Sparkle Spud  and Common-tator  looking at each other out of the corner of their eyes.  Continue straight down Dorrance street until you get near Weybosset Street.  That is where the Providence Energy building is.  During business hours you will see Mr. Energy (seemingly is no longer with us).  Take a left down Weybosset St. to visit the oldest mall in America, the Arcade.  During business hours, you can see Baking Potato  on the first floor (right side).  Walk out of the Arcade and cross Weybosset St. and walk left.  You will see St Francis Church.  About 20 feet from the street is the new Franciscan Friar Potato  (Our friends at JWU stripped and battered him).  RIght down the street, en route to Memorial Blvd you will see Red E. Banker , the newest Potato Head.  Continue down Weybosset St to Memorial Blvd.  Walk rightward, then take a left in front of Citizen's Plaza.  You will see the Cash Potato  (missing an arm, hopefully he can regrow a new one) flaunting his money at you.  Walk down Exchange St, to Exchange Terrace.  Go to Kennedy Plaza and wait for the Federal Hill Tolley.  Take the Trolley to Angelo's Restuarant.  You will see the Italian Chef .  Take a little walk to Spruce street (its behind Atwells Ave).  If you are facing Angelo's and turn left and walk to DePasquale Square, take a right, then take a left you'll be on Spruce Street, going towards Caserta Pizza, on the right.  Caserta sponsors Pizza Potato .  OK, take the next trolley to Kennedy Plaza, walk to your car, this concludes the walking portion of the day .  Take the car down Memorial Boulevard.  Go down Memorial Boulevard, it turns into Dyer Street.  Take that down to South Street.  Take a right on South and see the Children's Museum.  Take a look in the window, or during business hours go inside to see the Couch Potato .  If you are a kid you can sit inside.  Go to the I-195 intersection you passed and go on 195W to I-95.  Take I-95S and take exit 16.  On Route 10 go towards route 1 and get off there.  That is Elmwood Ave.  Follow the signs to Roger Williams Park Zoo.  IN the Park, follow the Zoo signs.  Just inside the park you will see Incubator Tator .  During Park hours I am sure they will let you get close to him.  Get out of Roger Williams Park and back on Elmwood Ave.  Drive northward.  You will soon see the intersection of Broad Street.  Its not a normal intersection.  In the middle on a hill you will see  Mr. Potato Head Bulb .  That concludes the Providence taters.  To see the most potatoes I'd suggest going to  Warwick - Ocean State Online

Warwick Potatoes
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