I have now accumulated enough Buicks to make the whole world happy.


This is me in my car.

The concept built on a Regal Platform.  Its the Buick Cielo.  It will be a convertible.

1988 Regal
1989 Regal

1988 Buick Regal was when Buick released this Body style.  The Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevy Monte Carlo and Chevy Lumina all had the same body styles.  From 1988 to 1990 the Regal was only available in a coupe.

1991 Regal
1992 Regal
1993 Regal

The 1991 and 1992 Regals were the first of the New Regal Sedans.  It featured a friendlier styling to them.  In 1993 Buick decided to change a few things.  The grill on the '91 and '92 was not attractive.  The line under the headlights were stupid looking.  Also the hubcaps on the 1991 car pictured here was too 80's.  Also in 1993 they put ridges in the hood and introduced Duel Climate Control.  From 1991 to 1996 the Regals had the old style windshield wipers.  I am a proud owner of a 1993 Regal.
1994 Regal
1995 Regal
1996 Regal

The end of the "Old Man" label for the Buick Regal.  1994-1996 only altered from the 1993 in a few ways.  There were new features of technology that have been added.  The tail lights from 1991-1993 were in the rear bumper, in 1994 they moved these lights to the brake lights.  In 1994 Buick decided to paint the grill the same color of the car.  Also from 1994 to 1996 the "Regal" Emblem was written in cursive.
1997 Regal
1998 Regal
1999 Regal

Unfortunately, the Buick Regal has lost its allure for being different.  The 1996 Regals are easy to identify on the road Now they look like any car.  The Regal attempts to attract a different audience by promoting their 3.8 V6 supercharged engine.  In 1998 The Regal celebrated their 25th anniversary, so there was an anniversary edition car.  The Regal does compare favorably to foriegn competition.