South County, Newport, Pawtucket and Other Potatoes

    If you are going to try to get all the potatoes done in a day and going the route I am suggesting, follow the path I offer.  Since you are probably coming from Quonsett Point, you should have taken route 95S.  Take exit 2.  From the ramp take a left (do not go to route 3).  Going down that old road you will see a golf course on your right.  That's Lindhbrook Golf Course.  Take your next right and park in the "overflow" parking lot.  Walk towards the golf course and you will see Mr. Potato Head Golfer .  OK, find your way back to route 95, going north, its the first ramp on the right.  Before exit 3 there is a rest area.  Pull off the highway and stop in there.  That is the Visitor's Center in Richmond.  In that building you will find Surfer Spud . No surfer I know uses a boogie board.  Anyway, get back on 95N and take exit 3, 138E.  Taking 138 east could be a bad move due to traffic.  If so, take 102S to route 1S.  Take the Narragansett exit, route 108N and 1A.  Take route 108 to Woodruff Road.  At the intersection to your right you should see Wannabe Surfer Spud .  Get back on that rotary and take route 1 south.  On the left you will see the South County Tourism Council Building.  Use the next turnaround to get yourself on 1N.  You'll see a blue sign for a government building on the right.  Its at the first redlight you see.  Take that right and don't make a u-turn on route one, keep going right, than a quick right to the driveway.  That is where Fred the Friendly Fisherman  is.  If you are feeling frisky, you could head down to the Block Island Ferry.  Going to the Fred Vinson Beach Pavillion will allow you to find Sunbaked 1966 .  Either from Fred or Block Island, next you should go to 1N to 138E.  Have your Newport Bridge token handy?  If not, it will cost you $2.  Go further north on route 1 until you see 138E to Newport.  Take the first exit off of 138 after the Newport bridge.  Follow the Newport signs to America's Cup Blvd.  The first thing on your right is the Gateway center.  Find a place to park either there or a little down the street at the Marriot.  This is the start of the 3rd of 3 walking sessions .  At the Gateway Center you will find the Hospitality Spud .  Walking to the Marriot will yield "Meet" and Potatoes  (the longest injury in potato history has been healed, he is BACK!!!).  Walk or drive up to Thames street.  At Bowen's Wharf,  you have to walk inward a lot, you will see Eric The Head  without his arms.  Walking along the street, by the Newport Yachting Center you will see Spudley Do Right  (injured by the Seamen and now has passed away).  Now get back to your car and make a move for the Block Island potato .Not mentioned earlier, but if you wanted to, while in Narragansett, you could go to Point Judith.      Coming up from Newport, you should take route 114.  Its a bit of a travel, and the next Potato moves.  He will not sit still for you.  I found him on 114 in Warren, but I heard he could be in Barrington, Bristol or on 136 in Warren.  My suggestion is to ask the locals where Uncle Sam  is hiding.  Someone will tell you.  Make sure you get a current account of his whereabouts.  After you find Uncle Sam head up the 114 expressway.  That brings you to 195.  Get off right away at Exit 6, Broadway.  Take Broadway up to the old red bridge.  There is a sign that says "Providence" and a right arrow.  Take that to the end.  On South Angel take a left to Butler Ave.  At the next light you will see East Side Market Place.  In front of Blockbuster Video you will see the Video Tator  minus his right arm.  Take Angel Street back toward the city of Providence.  At the bottom of the hill you'll be at North Main Street.  Take a right on North Main Street.  When you get to the intersection of Smith Street, in front of the Episcopal Church you will see Bishop Potato .  Continue north on North Main Street.  At the fork in the road, bear rightward to stay on Route 1 and Pawtucket Ave.  That will bring you to Division Street.  Take your first left than a right to Main St. then a left.  That has you near Apex, get in the left lane and that brings you to Roosevelt Ave.  Go towards slater Mill and park at the Munciple lot.  On that side of the road is the Blackstone Valley Visitor's Center.  That's where William Blackstone the Pilgrim  is (during business hours you can get in there).  Take Roosevelt Ave. to Exchange Street.  Take a right at the top to Broadway then a left and follow the 15 East signs.  That brings you to Armistice Blvd.  At Newport Ave's (rte. 1A) intersection take a left.  Just a minute up the road you will see Hasbro Way on the right.  That brings you to Hasbro Headquarters.  You will easily spot Mr. Potato Head .  Allegedly next to him, you will soon see Mrs. Potato Head .  Now take a left down Newport Ave.  Just before the East Providence line, at Narragansett Park Dr you will see Regular Joe  in front of Dunkin Donuts.  One more potato left to find.  Continue south on Newport Ave.  Newport Ave merges with Pawtucket Ave.  Stay along that route until you hit 195.  Take 195W to route 95.  Get on 95N and be in the second lane to take exit 22.  That will take you to the 6/10 connector.  Stay on 6 to route 295N.  Take exit 7 to 44W. Take route 44 into Chepatchet.  After the merger with 102, you will see a library on your right with Betty the Learned Elephant .  And that concludes the tour as it stands right now.

Providence tators
Warwick Potatoes